Malevolents are a local metal band, and favourites at Nanaimo venue The Cambie. This three man band, consisting of Liam Borns (vocals, guitar), Jon Holden (drums), and Austen Vandale (guitar), have just one mission: to create metal. The members of Malevolents were gracious enough to grant me an interview to discuss their future plans.

C: Do the Malevolents have any future plans to release any music?

M: On June 30th we’re actually releasing a full record, it’ll be called Dead to Rights, shout out to Angela Grimmuza for doing the artwork, she killed it, and Andrew Locke for doing the all the bass parts, which we’re so thankful for. We also have a single coming out on July.1st.

C: What are your guys touring plans?

M: Right now we’re mainly focusing on getting the album done and ready to be released after that we’ll probably start playing more shows and touring.

C: Now for your guy’s musician fans what kind of gear do you use?

M: For drums, Jon uses a Mapex Meridian kit and just a mess of cymbals, Mike Harrison at Long and Mcquade is always helping me out. Austen’s main rig is a Gibson SG Special 120 anniversary for amps he uses a Traynor Custom Special 50 watt head through a Traynor 412 with vintage 30’s. Liam uses a Jackson King V that’s run through a Marshall 412.  

C: Last Words?

M: Thank to Crank it 2 11 for doing this interview, and for all of those people who think heavy metal is dead it is alive and well, and just keep supporting the music scene!

*I would like to thank Malevolents for granting me this interview. Be sure to check out their music!

Website :

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Instagram :@MalevolentsBand

Twitter : @MalevolentsBand


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