Awkward A/C

Awkward A/C: Living legends in the Nanaimo punk scene. But, to become legends you must be forged through the flames of hell. With Aaron Roost and Peter Vizvari on the guitars, Malena Deardoff on bass, and Jay Flett on vocals. The main reason they play is for their fallen drummer, Heidi Plato, who was killed by a drunk driver. You can feel the anger and the classic “fuck you” in their music as punk rock strives on.

C: Does Awkward A/C have any plans to release any music in the future?

AA/C: We’re currently working on an album that will be out early summer, we’re releasing it on Boba Flett Records. It’s been a great experience. Pete is doing all the recording and mixing so it’s been really easy with trying to get the sound we want.

C: What are your guy’s plans for touring in the future?

A A/C: We have a tour coming up soon, we’re going to be starting at SBC in Vancouver with Gnar Gnar and the Keg Killers. SBC has a lot of rich punk history, the owners that run is Malcolm and Andrew are super supportive of the Vancouver music scene. We also have gigs in Nelson, Kelowna, Veron, Saskatoon, and Edmonton which will be a homecoming gig for our bass player Malena.

   C: You’ve recently played with Dayglo Abortions, how did it feel to open for them?

   A A/C: Jay has been friends with them since the 80’s, and the band itself has played with them three times before this, but it is always rad to see them play.

 C: Last Words?

 A A/C:  Punk Rock has saved our lives without it, we would all probably be dead. We are very humbled by the support of our fans. This band is also a reminder that you’re never too old to write and play music! Go out there and live your dreams!
*Crank it 2 11 would like to give big thanks to Awkward A/C for participating in this interview. They were such a pleasure to see live. I highly recommend you check them out on their tour. Follow Awkward A/C and check out their music!


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