In the 21st century a music genre has arisen, with it sparking other genres to be born. The genres I’m talking about are dubstep, edm, trancestep. There are many genres that are like the ones mentioned, for simplicity sake these genres will be called “club music”. A new comer to the club music scene is PABLO a hardcore music lover and maker. They add elements from different genres outside the club music scene. I’m lucky enough to call PABLO a long time friend of mine and got the chance to talk about their music.

C: Now as a musician that is in the club music scene who are your influences?
P: I have so many different influences, the first one that comes to mind is definitely REZZ, Whipped Cream, and Based. Skrillex is another big one, he kind of inspired me before I ever started making music. But the biggest reason why I started producing music is because of my buddy Brendan Cairns aka Phonik Ops, he plays behind Kytami. He was the one that told me to use whatever I had even if was just my Ipad and Garageband, just so I could start getting my studio hours in.

C: Do you think what is essentially viewed as club music gets a bad reputation because it’s get produced on a computer? Do you think that other musician should start recognizing it as the scene it is?
P: Absolutely I myself even gave club music a bad rap. I thought it was not an actual instrument. It was not something you learn by sheet music or tablature, it was just making noises on your computer. But once I started making it I realized how much math and knowledge of music goes into it. Even though you do not play your tracks live, although some artist do live production which is fucking sick. It’s like that saying  “You’re paying fifty bucks to go watch a DJ press play” but it’s not that at all. There’s so much mixing and producing that goes on behind the scenes that gets overlooked by musicians that share that opinion.  

C: You have an album that is about to come out, want to talk about the ideas that helped create it?
P: Fuck yeah, it’s called the Glitch Doctor it’s set to come out in July of this year. I’ve always wanted to release an album on my own and before I thought that was going to be a metal project. But as I got more into that I could never make the sound I wanted to. Since I started making electronic music I’m making what I want and more with it which is what I want for my first album. You have your whole life to make your very first album. This is the direction I wanted to pursue and this will be the first album where I’ll look back and see where I evolved from.

C: What is the type of software and gear you use to produce your music?
 P: I’ve been using Garageband IOS 10.3 but I’ll be upgrading to Ableton Live 9 very soon. For gear I have an IPAD Mini 2 and a Casio keyboard and a Marshall NG50DFX that I run through Garageband where I’ll edit a lot of things after, I run the amp through to get that tub sound. Also my multitude of guitars helps too, they have not been on the tracks I’ve released but are on my album.

C: Now of all of the tracks that you have released my favourite has to be: My Life Has Been Full of Trial and Error. How did you get in the headspace to create that track? If I may what was the inspiration behind it?

P: That song was cool because was the second song I released for my Monday weekly track, and that was when I went from upgrading Garageband 9 IOS to Garageband 10.3. IOS. I’m so glad I finally got some more space on my IPad finally cleaned up my IPad, and it was insane how much I could do on it. So the track was me trying it out with the deadline of the next morning. It was literally just full of trial and error which is how I’ve learned everything in life, which is why the track is called My Life Has Been Full of Trial and Error. It was definitely an experiment.

C: Since you are a newer musician to the scene do you think you will have any troubles acquiring a fan base?
P: I think there will be problems indeed as every musician and every professional does in their career. But I think if I keep producing and keep putting more hours into the studio, something is going to give. Over the few months I’ve been doing this I’ve gotten so much love and support and I feel like this will be something very fulfilling for me.

C: Last Words?
P: I have a mix coming out soon it’s a bunch of my own tracks and others that I love. It took me three months to get it together I would have blocks for weeks where I would not touch it. It has tracks on it that have memories attached that I had to work through. I also have an album coming out in July and some other huge announcements. This has been Pablo peace.

* Pablo is an insanely talented musician in no matter what genre they choose to pursue. The fact that they not only thrive in different genres is a testament to how far we come in the music world. I would also like to say that this interview means a lot to me Pablo.



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