Welcome Sunnyvale from Nanaimo, and no I’m not talking about the Trailer Park Boys’ home. I’m talking about the 5 piece mixture of all genres (because according to them, it’s “all the same”) that is ready to take over the island scene and our hearts. The band’s lineup includes Matt (drums), Jacob (guitar), Andrew (guitar), Ben (bass), and Shea (vocals). I happened to catch their show at the Rainbow Room with The Atlas Project and No Liars and had the chance to speak to the band.

C: During your set, you talked about the fact that you guys have an upcoming album in the recording process. Care to discuss any more details?

S: It’s in still in the first part of the recording, we are trying to keep it low-key try and not to build the hype too much right now. We are trying to release it by summertime.

C: Sunnyvale just played a great set. Are there any future gigs that we should be looking out for?

S: We’ve talked to Timothy Crneck (Cryptic Promotions) about possibly entering the Battle of the Bands that the Zattzoo Project puts on every year, but other than that we’ve mostly been working on our album.

*Sunnyvale is a great five piece that I suggest you all check out, I look forward to talking to them again in the future. A huge shoutout to the boys in Sunnyvale for putting on such an amazing set, follow their social media and check out their music!

Instagram: we_are_sunnyvale

Twitter: @Sunnyvale_2k16



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