No Liars

Looking for music that has a good “punch you in the face” quality to it? No Liars might be the band for you! Featuring Mike Battle (drums), Jonathan Graves (bass), as well as the face-melting guitar duo Noah Edwards (vocals, guitar) and Eric Panoe (guitar). It’s Morley Graff (vocals) that pumps up the crowd in punk fashion that Johnny Rotten himself would be proud of. I was lucky enough to catch a few spare moments of their time at the Rainbow Room in Port Alberni.

C: Are there any albums coming from No Liars that we should be on the lookout for?

NL: We just finished up in a studio in Vancouver (Rain City Recorders) with the amazing Jesse Gander. It’ll be our first full-length album which we’re really excited about. With some help from BC Music, it was actually funded with a factor grant. We definitely would not have been able to pay for it by ourselves, we are very lucky and blessed. All that’s left is getting the album artwork together. We have not set a release date for it yet, but the ideal scenario would be to release it in the fall.


    C: Are there any shows that No Liars will be playing soon?

NL: Next month we’re heading out to Canadian Music Week to do some showcases in Toronto, then when we get back we’re going out on tour with our friend’s Vultures in late May/early June. We are trying to hit up as many new places as we can, we definitely want to hit up the island (Vancouver Island).


C: Any last words?

NL: Port Alberni fucking rocks! Tonight was awesome, big thank you to everyone who came out and supported us. It was amazing.


*I want to give giant thanks to No Liars for giving this interview all the guys in that band are really nice and talented people who create kickass music. Follow No Liars and check out their music!

Twitter/Instagram: @noliarsbc




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